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Jacksonville To Daytona Nautical Chart Image

Jacksonville to Daytona



Brilliantly colored, this chart employs new graphic features to describe the deepwater fishing and diving opportunities offshore Northeast Florida. The north side covers from the Grand Banks (offshore Darien, Georgia) south to the St. Augustine Inlet and east past the edge of the beautifully defined continental shelf. The south side details the St Augustine Grounds and reefs and continues south past Daytona Beach to south of Ponce Inlet.

 Both sides have brightly colored areas of live bottom grounds, hundreds of coordinates for GPS for navigation points, wrecks, reefs and ledges. Local names are used to reference grounds, and major fishing and diving hotspots, "The Steeples, The Rolldown, The Ledge, Red Snapper Sink" are described graphically and with pinpoint coordinates. A total of 288 GPS coordinates. Important contours for fishermen are highlighted, the 15 and 21 fathom curves are included with others .If you fish or dive in this area, you will want two; one for the boat and one for your wall! Information from NOAA Chart #11480. GPS Datum.

25" x 38"

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