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New Jersey Coastal Fishing Nautical Chart Image

New Jersey Coastal Fishing



The best chart for fishing or diving off of New Jersey. Side A covers all of Coastal New Jersey from Long Island south to 20 miles south of Cape May. 4 different colors are used to describe water depths. Coverage is offshore to 73 degrees 10 Minutes West Longitude.Side B covers the area from Long Branch south to Barnegat Inlet in better detail. ( does not cover Barnegat Bay or other insidewaters - for detail inside see chart #56) A total of 244 PLOTTED AND INDEXED GPS POSITIONS are given for reefs and wrecks, fish havens, rocks and lights and buoys. Each waypoint is individually plotted so you can see its position relative to other sites, and inlets.Bright colors and large print make this chart extremely easy to use and read. Information from 4 different NOAA Charts; 12326,12323,12200 & 12300

25" x 38"

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